Lightbulb Colour Temperatures

Lightbulb Colour Temperatures
June 2, 2017

Light Bulb colour temperatures relates to the shade of white light that the bulb outputs.  There are assorted colour bulbs on the market for particular applications but this article relates to shades of white.  When choosing a light bulb it is all to easy to buy the right type of bulb, with the right base and the right brightness – and then forget the question of how to use the colour of the light bulb to further enhance the atmosphere in the home or workplace. 

But What Colour Do I Need To Buy?

So far it sounds complicated but it isn’t.  Light bulb colour temperature is measure in Kelvin.  Low Kelvin starting at 1500k is an orange colour light while a high kelvin gives a cool blue light at 7500k.

Warm White – 2500k to 3300k

Creates a warm soothing atmosphere, think of the colour of a natural candle flame.  Ideal for living rooms, lounges, restaurants.

White – 3500k

Cool White – 3700k – 4500k

Crisp white light, feels clean and a good working environment.  Kitchens , bathrooms, offices, classrooms, car showrooms.

Daylight – 6000k – 7000k

Used by printers or design offices, it gives a better reproduction of the colour that are being viewed, also museums, art galleries, clothes shops, jewellery shops, places where an accurate colour reproduction is important.

What colour bulb do I need to buy?

Image kindly provided by Crompton Lamps

How Do I Find The Information When I Am Buying

Each bulb should have the colour temperature clearly marked on the package.  They do not all indicate 'warm white' or 'cool white' but the kelvin should be marked.  In addition the kelvin should also be marked on the lamp base.

Have a look in the bulb section of the website to see what types are available and feel free to contact us if you would like more information.