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VERSO Circuit Protection

VERSO Circuit Protection products combine innovation with utility and aesthetics to create a product that is suitable for every home. To provide the gold standard in power distribution and protection, the VERSO line includes an extraordinary selection of MCBs, RCBOs, Type A RCCBs, and a new range of surge protection solutions. Exceeding the 18th Edition's criteria and assuring industry-leading installations is something we do on a daily basis.


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Buy VERSO Surge Protection Products at Great Prices!

Choose from a wide range of VERSO circuit protection and surge protection products at Alert Electrical with free UK delivery available on orders of over £100.00.

The residential circuit protection series (VCP) was introduced in 2021, and it has since been specified by various local authorities and has become the consumer unit of choice for electricians!


Who are VERSO?

The company was created with one goal in mind: to provide the greatest accessories on the market, both in terms of performance and installation. They invested in the development of their circuit protection series and will continue to do so to guarantee that it meets the needs of all its customers all over the world.


Why are Circuit Protective Devices Important?

Protective devices are necessary because they guarantee that a high fault current cannot flow under fault circumstances – this, in addition to safeguarding the installation, ensures that customers are not hurt or killed as a result of an electrical problem. Overcurrent protection is supplied by circuit breakers or fuses that work within certain limitations, immediately cutting the supply when an overload or fault current occurs (short circuit or earth fault).

Overloads or short circuits cause overcurrent problems. An overload occurs when a circuit is overloaded due to a malfunctioning item or when there are too many objects connected to it. When a live conductor comes into touch with an exposed conductive portion or another conductor in the circuit with low or negligible impedance, a short circuit develops. This might be the result of faulty wiring or cable damage. Earth faults, on the other hand, are analogous to short circuits and occur when a live conductor makes contact with an earthed conductor, an exposed conductor, or an extraneous conducting item. In an earth fault, a significant current flow is not required.

It is critical to provide proper circuit protection to ensure the safety of an electrical installation.

Feel free to get in touch if you need help selecting the right consumer units, circuit breakers, or anything other circuit protection product.


Why Alert Electrical?

For many years, we have supplied a wide choice of electrical equipment and take pleasure in our exceptional customer service. We pledge to give you with the most insightful, relevant, and honest responses to any product-related questions you may have, allowing you to acquire the best and most appropriate product for your needs.

Please contact the Alert Electrical team if you have any queries about any of the VERSO circuit protection and surge protection products available for purchase on our website and we will be pleased to assist you.