ARMD Guard AMDAKAGO1 Smart Van Alarm & Tracker

Keep your van safe and secure with the ARMD Guard AMDAKAGO1 Smart Van Alarm & Tracker. This innovative device offers advanced protection against theft and unauthorized access. Trust ARMD Guard to keep your valuable assets protected at all times.
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ARMD Guard AMDAKAGO1 Smart Van Alarm & Tracker

The ARMD GUARD AMDAKAGO1 Smart Van Alarm & Tracker silently watches over your tools and alerts you (but not the thief) with an instant phone call notification upon detecting motion. The police are more likely to respond to a crime if they can catch them red-handed. If the thief steals the whole vehicle, you can track it through the ARMD app and share the information with the police.

ARMD GUARD AMDAKAGO1 Smart Van Alarm & Tracker is Plug and Play set up within 2 minutes with no technical knowledge required. Simply Plug into your vans OBD Port.

What & Where is the ODB Port?

An OBD port is a vehicle ‘On-Board Diagnostics’ port. It is a socket usually found under the steering wheel or near the glove compartment. It may be covered behind a removable panel. If you cannot find it google the make and model of your vehicle with OBD in the search i.e ‘Ford transit custom 2019 ODB location’

Where Should you Place the PIR Sensor?

The PIR disc sensor needs to go in the back of your van and cover the widest viewpoint possible including the doors where a breach is most likely to happen. Often this is on the bulkhead about 12 inches down from the roof, which would cover the back doors and a side door. Still, we understand that because of racking and different van configurations this is not always possible so in these cases place a far away as possible pointing at the most vulnerable parts of the van. It range is from 10cm to 5m. The sensor comes with a cradle that can easily stuck on or screwed to a surface and the PIR sensor then clips into it.

How Long does the Battery Last?

The PIR sensor that goes in the back last 7 years. The ARMD Guard hub that goes in the front takes power from your vehicle battery so unless the vehicle is left stationary for months it should stay powered. If for any reason the power does run out or the up is unplugged you will be notified in the ARMD app and by text message.


  • Allows you to take immediate action in the event of a break-in.
  • "Plug and Play" set up within 2 minutes - no technical knowledge required.
  • Find your van and track movement with the inbuilt GPS.
  • Arm and Disarm is from your ARMD app
  • Silent alert calls you whilst the break-in is happening without the criminals knowing so the police can catch them in the act.
  • The hub is powered by the OBD port in your vehicle.
  • The Sensor has a 7-year battery life.
  • Tool inventory app that allows you to log all of your tools and receipts.
  • Get ARMD tool insurance as well to give you that extra layer of protection.


Please Note, the picture is for illustration purposes only and the unit will not come with any smart phone of any brand.