BG Evolve PCDCL22UAC45W Pearlescent White Double Socket with 45W USB A+C Fast Charging


Elevate your space with the sleek and modern BG Evolve PCDCL22UAC45W Pearlescent White Double Socket. This innovative design features 45W USB A+C fast charging capabilities, perfect for keeping your devices powered up in style. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with BG EVOLVE decorative wiring accessories.

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BG Evolve PCDCL22UAC45W Pearlescent White Double Socket with 45W USB A+C Fast Charging

Forget the clutter of adapters and enjoy the simplicity of direct USB charging. Whether you’re charging smartphones, tablets, or other USB devices, this double socket enhances your power access while keeping your spaces neat and organized. This socket is an ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their power and charging capabilities in spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. It's also great for commercial settings like hotels and cafes, where functionality and design are crucial.

This sophisticated BG Electrical Evolve Pearlescent White Double Socket with USB Charging is a stylish and functional device is designed to meet the demands of modern living, offering a seamless integration of traditional power sockets and advanced USB charging technology.

The unit comes equipped with two UK standard plug sockets alongside two high-speed USB ports, delivering a total output of 4.2A. Charge your devices faster and more efficiently without the need for additional adapters. Enhance the look of your walls with the socket’s premium brushed steel finish. Its contemporary design is perfect for any room, complementing both classic and modern interiors while maintaining a professional appearance with minimal fingerprint marks.

The Evolve socket features built-in safety shutters and is compliant with the latest UK safety regulations. The unit’s design includes overload protection to prevent damage to your connected devices. Designed for ease of installation, this socket fits into any standard 35mm back box. It comes with clear instructions and color-coded terminals, making setup quick and hassle-free, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer.


  • Free your sockets and charge all your devices - Ideal for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other USB chargeable devices
  • 45W, variable voltage fast charging with PD & QC charging protocols for Android and iOS devices, with charge shared across two outlets - 1 x Type A, 1 x Type C
  • Smart USB - Standby mode when device is fully charged; AutoDetect's the USB device and adjusts charging pattern to suit; protective overload function
  • Angled colour coded terminals for easy identification and captive screws to prevent screw loss
  • Delivers 50% charge to mobile phones in just 30 minutes
  • Ideal for charging larger devices such as tablets and laptops quickly and efficiently
  • Charge up 70% faster than standard 5V charging
  • Twin earth fitted as standard for high integrity circuits
  • Pearlescent White