Ohme ePod vs. Ohme Home Pro

Ohme ePod vs. Ohme Home Pro
Ohme ePod vs. Ohme Home Pro
May 15, 2024

In recent years Ohme has been one of the rising stars in the EV world. Offering affordable electric car chargers, partnerships with Octopus Energy and pivoting to smart charging technology. It would seem that their mission is to help create an EV charging solution for everyone. Making them cheaper, easier to use and easier to install.

Ohme burst onto the market in 2018 and jumped quickly to its position as one of the favoured EV charger manufacturers out there.

Ohme's car charger product range

Ohme offers two different car charging options. Both of these products can be used for home and commercial use and both have their benefits.

They've developed the Home Pro and the ePod, both have their features and benefits while offering great value for money. If you're wondering which one you should be buying, have a read below. At the bottom of this page, we have a spec table to help you decide.

Ohme ePod unit

The Ohme ePod car charger

The Ohme ePod has a beautifully simple design, an easy-to-use interface and outputs 7.4kWs for charging your car. UKCA and WCS approved, the ePod offers compatibility of both Type 1 and Type 2 cables. This model has built-in PEN protection and requires no earth rod. It features a weather-resistant design rated at IP54, ensuring it can withstand the rain.

Key benefits:

  • Untethered: you have the ability to purchase longer or shorter charging cables as needed.
  • Easy Installation: without the need for an earth rod the installation process is easier than ever.
  • Smart Features: you're able to track costs and eco-friendly charging schedules. This allows you to choose the most cost-effective times to charge your car.
  • Weather resistant: the ePod has an IP54 rating which means that it'll withstand the wet and windy UK.


  • Network Dependent: the ePod does need a mobile network connection for its smart functionality. However basic charging is still possible without it.
  • No Display: the ePod doesn't have a display which means you need a smartphone to access features and information.

Use cases:

  • Public Charging Stations: great for public areas like car parks, shopping centres, and workplaces. Perfect for those who have charging cables in their car with them.
  • Residential Use: suitable for homes with easy installation and the ability to unplug and take your cable away.

Ohme Home Pro unit

The Ohme Home Pro car charger

The Ohme Home Pro is specifically designed for residential use, featuring a tethered design with 5m and 8m cable options. The Home Pro has a 7.4 kW power output and uses a Type 2 connector which fits most modern EVs. The Home Pro is smart-grid compatible and can be controlled via the Ohme app. This lets you manage charging times and monitor energy usage as you need to. It is IP55-rated for dust and water resistance, which is a touch better for the Ohme ePod.


  • User-Friendly Design: the tethered design simplifies the charging process for you.
  • Smart Integration: the ability to integrate with home energy systems with an app that.
  • Weather Resistance: the IP55 rating ensures reliable operation under various weather conditions.
  • LCD Screen: the screen displays charging information for easy access and management.


  • Fixed Cable Length: the fixed cable options might not be suitable for all situations.

Use cases:

  • Home Charging: perfect for charging your car at home with the integrations available.
  • Small Businesses: suitable for small businesses where employees or customers need reliable charging options.

Ohme Home Pro and ePod comparison

Power and performance

Both the Ohme Home Pro and the ePod offer a 7.4kW power output which means either of the models is capable of charging your car. Both models are designed to help you charge your car quickly and cost-effectively.

Installation and setup

The ePod’s installation process is simplified by the lack of a need for an earth rod, which can reduce both the cost and complexity of setup. This makes it an appealing option for both public installations and homes where ease of installation is a priority. On the other hand, the Home Pro, with its fixed cable length, might require more planning to ensure the parking arrangement matches the charger’s reach.

Smart features and network dependency

Both models come with smart features that allow users to schedule charging times and track energy usage. These features are crucial for optimising energy costs and ensuring eco-friendly charging. The ePod, however, requires a stable mobile network connection for these features to work optimally. While the Home Pro also benefits from network connectivity, it is designed with residential use in mind, where network stability might be less of an issue compared to public installations.

Durability and environmental resistance

With dust and water resistance ratings of IP55 for the Home Pro and IP54 for the ePod, the Ohme ranges are suitable for outdoor use. These ratings ensure they can withstand various weather conditions, providing reliable performance regardless of the environment.

Use cases and versatility

The Ohme ePod’s robust design and flexible installation options make it an ideal choice for public and semi-public settings such as car parks, shopping centres, and workplaces. Its fast charging capability and durability are essential in high-traffic areas where quick service is crucial.

In contrast, the Ohme Home Pro is tailored for residential use. Its user-friendly design and integration with home energy systems make it perfect for private residences. It provides an efficient and straightforward charging solution, ideal for homeowners looking to manage their energy usage effectively.


While both the Ohme Pro and the ePod come with great features their price points differ. The Ohme ePod tends to be cheaper than the Home Pro. This is due to the fact that the ePod doesn't come with a charging cable as standard while the Home Pro is tethered. What's more the Home Pro includes a screen to show you all the information you need at a glance while charging where.

Comparison table


Ohme Home Pro

Ohme ePod

Controls LCD screen, Smartphone app, Buttons on charger Smartphone app, Buttons on charger
Cable & plug type Tethered (5m or 8m) cable, Type 2  Untethered, compatible with Type 1 & 2 cables
Power output 7.4kW 7.4kW
Dimensions 170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (D) 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D)



UK Smart charging regulations



UK Smart charging regulations

IP rating IP55 IP45
Connectivity 3G/4G multi-net sim card 3G/4G multi-net sim card



Choosing between the Ohme ePod Car Charger and the Ohme Home Pro depends on the user’s specific needs and charging environment. The ePod’s versatility, robust design, and ease of installation make it suitable for public and semi-public settings. In contrast, the Home Pro’s user-friendly features and seamless integration with home energy systems make it the ideal choice for residential use. Both models reflect Ohme’s commitment to smart, efficient charging solutions that support the broader adoption of electric vehicles. Whether for home or public use, Ohme’s chargers provide reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly options for EV owners.