Analogue CCTV

In an analogue HD CCTV system, the camera captures an analogue signal and this is transferred via a coaxial cable to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) where the signal is converted to digital, compressed and stored on a hard drive within the DVR

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Having an extra level of security in place for your home or business can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind, as well as preventing crime and disturbance.

What is an HDCVI CCTV camera?

High Definition Composite Video Interface, or more commonly referred to as HDCVI, is a type of high definition CCTV. While it shares some similar aspects, HDCVI is a type of its own. Offering much more affordable HD security cameras and digital video recorders (DVR), HDCVI is absolutely something worth looking into.

HDCVI CCTV Camera System

Here at Alert Electrical, we stock a range of security systems, High Definition Composite Video Interface CCTV cameras and equipment that will protect your home or business every moment of every day. If you would like to find out more about the HDCVI security cameras or how to install CCTV systems, get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly team