Zuma Luminaire

Minimal lighting at its best.

Perfectly matched to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire is our high-performing downlight giving you natural lighting throughout your home.


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4 Items

per page

Retrofit, Remodel or New Build.

You can retrofit Zuma and even use your existing electric cables and light switches.

Zuma Sound and light Available Online & in Store at Alert Electrical is the smart home in one easy-to-install package. It will reinvigorate your environment when used in a refurbishment or if you are building a new home.

From a new kitchen or bathroom to a grand design, wow your clients with seamlessly integrated smart lighting and incredible audio.


Enjoy a cookery podcast while you bake in bright morning light, listen to a favourite tune while you relax in warm light on a cold evening – all with optional voice control. The only limit is your imagination.


Take that well deserved time out in your bathroom with a candlelit bath and relaxing playlist to tune out the world or wake up with a bright morning light shower as you start your day.


Zuma helps you drift into a deep, restorative sleep listening to your favourite audiobook in calming warm light or envelops you with the sound of a rainforest downpour.

Living spaces

Whatever life brings – lazy Sundays watching the big game, a Wednesday lunchtime zoom yoga session or Friday night with friends or family – Zuma helps you set the mood to suit.

Click the Link to Configure your Room for the Ultimate Soundscape or Combined Sound & Light https://zuma.ai/zuma-configurations/