Timeswitches And Immersion Heater Timers

Buy Plug-in timers, socket box mounted time switches, and immersion heater timers at Alert Electrical with free UK delivery available on all orders over £100.00. Choose from leading manufacturers including Optimum and Timeguard.

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Alert Electric offer a super range of timers for your plug-in electricals and time switches for your immersion heaters, including all the top models by the main manufacturers. Our electrical timers follow all the latest standards to bring you maximum efficiency and control for your electrical heating and other electrical devices. Our time switches and immersion heater timers represent not just high quality, but competitive pricing too – Alert Electrical’s Price Match Promise means we won’t be beaten on like-for-like price, so you can order with the confidence that you’re getting a great deal for your time switch.

Immersion heater timers

Take full control of your immersion heater with a high-quality immersion heater timer from Alert Electrical. With competitively priced models from leading brand Optimum and Timeguard, we’re sure to have an immersion heater switch that’s right for you. For simple and reliable solutions for a great price, we have immersion heater timers with easy-to-program captive tappets, so you can time your immersion heater use to within 15-minute intervals. We also offer immersion electronic heater time switches with enhanced control options and a digital display. For that extra level of control and flexibility, you’ll find wireless timer switches programmable on a 24-hour, 7-day basis which you can adjust your immersion heater output via your home hub or your smartphone, being compatible with Android Alexa and Google Home devices.

Types of immersion heaters

You have several different types of immersion heater timers to choose from, these timers can differ in how they function and the features that they have to offer. The most common types of immersion heater timers are:

  • Mechanical timers - These are basic timer types and are often the cheapest option. This type of immersion heater timer will use a mechanical clock mechanism which you'll manually set specific on and off times for your heater. 
  • Digital Timers - A digital timer is a little more advanced than its mechanical counterpart. These timer types often have a lot more functionality and offer a better range of control.
  • Programmable timers - These programmable immersion heater timers allow for a number of different schedules to be set for different times of the week. Some have wireless connectivity capabilities which make them ideal for people who travel or have unpredictable work patterns.

Plug in timer switches for electric sockets

From simple analogue timer switches to digital display and wireless time switches, we have options for every requirement needing automatic 24-hour control of your plug-in devices. Our timer switches allow you to take control of your electrics with the touch of a button. We have plug-in booster switches giving you timed power boosts in periods of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours – perfect for economic control of plug-in electrical heating and other plug-in devices.