LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay lighting with a high lumen output are ideal replacements for traditional high bay fixtures commonly used in retail and commercial premises.

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11 Items

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Whether you are seeking essentials, premium or high effiency lighting products, you will find the LED high bays you need by leading manufacturers at Alert Electrical.

Choose from highly regarded brands including Knightsbridge, Kosnic, and LuxLite.


What is the difference between high-bay and low-bay LED lighting?

High-bay and low-bay lighting are used to illuminate huge areas like warehouses or retail stores. The height of the ceiling in the room to be illuminated will decide whether high-bay or low-bay lighting is required.

You need:

  • high-bay lighting where the ceiling is higher than 15–20 feet
  • low-bay lighting where the ceiling is lower than 20 feet

High Bay Lighting - A deep reflector is used to direct light down from a high ceiling. High-bay lighting also emits diffused light, which helps to decrease glare.

Low Bay Lighting - A shallower reflector and a lens is used to diffuse light outwards from a lower ceiling.


Where are LED High Bay Lights Used?

These popular industrial lighting products are most commonly used in the following spaces:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Indoor car parks
  • Sports halls and gyms
  • Community centres


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We are pleased to offer a great choice of LED high bay lighting from 100w-240w, including the popular Knightsbridge LED UFO product range and the Kosnic LED Circular Suspended Highbay Luminaire range.

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