Buying LED Strip Lights

Buying LED Striplights - Alert Electrical

LED strip lights offer one of the most versatile, user-friendly solutions for a range of domestic and commercial settings meaning you can now get more creative than ever with your lighting design. They are flexible, easy to install, and can make an aspect of a room really stand out.

White or coloured lights?

using white strip lights to run along cabinets or shelves, you can choose from warm white or cool white colour temperatures. Warm white lights are ideal for more relaxed spaces, such as living rooms and bedrooms, while cool white lights are more suited to active areas of the home or workplace

LED Striplights White or Coloured lights - Alert Electrical

RGB colour-changing (red, green, and blue) lights offer customisation, as they allow you to change the colour of the lights at the touch of a button. These are most often be found in bars and restaurants but are ideal for adding some accent lighting to certain areas of your home.


LED strip lights come in a range of lengths. Be sure to measure the space in which you’re looking to fit them to know how long the lights need to be. One of the benefits of LED strip lights is that they can be cut to size to fit the space you want to put them in.

LED Striplights Length - Alert Electrical


Flexible strips allow you to run the lights around corners and ensure everything fits together smoothly.


Most LED strip lights are low voltage, meaning that you need to install them with a compatible LED driver to ensure they work as they should. Connecting low-voltage lights to a mains voltage circuit could shorten the lifespan of the lights and affect how they perform.

LED Striplights Voltage - Alert Electrical

Many LED strip lights are packaged with the most suitable driver, making installation easy. Make sure to check the product listing carefully to determine if you need to buy a separate driver.

IP-rated strip light outdoors

Variations of LED strip lights are waterproof meaning they are suitable for use in outdoor environments or in bathrooms, although they need to have a good IP rating to be suitable for wet environments.

LED Striplights IP Iated Outdoors- Alert Electrical

An IP rating of 65 is ideal for these situations, but make sure to check that all components are suitably protected. For example, in some cases, the strip lights may have a good IP rating, but the accompanying LED transformer might not.

Should you install LED Strip lights yourself?

Most LED strip lights have a self-adhesive backing, meaning that all you need to do to install them is stick them where you want. Some variations have more complex installation instructions. Before trying to install lights of any type, ensure you have the skills to do it. If you’re not confident about this, we would advise consulting a professional electrician to install it.

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