USB Sockets Buying Guide

USB Sockets Buying Guide


USB Sockets take away the need for plug-in chargers.  Imagine not having to find that charger, just plug your charging cable directly into any of the wall sockets in your home.  By the bed and wake up to a fully charged device.  By the TV, no more worrying that the tablet will run down before the end of the movie.  This and still have the wall socket’s 3 pin plugs free for their original intended use before plug-in chargers USB Sockets have 25mm or 35mm mounting depth became so commonplace in the home.  



If a whole house or room is being redecorated, consider the style of USB wall socket you would like to fit.  Check the manufacturer's required back box for the socket.  Some USB sockets require a 35mm mounting depth.  These are generally the flat plat style USB socket as the workings of the USB socket have to be mounted further back. 

If the house is already decorated then it is easy to retrofit just one or two sockets around the home changing them over to a USB socket.  Check that the USB socket has a mounting depth of 25mm as standard backbox depth is 25mm. From Scolmore Click Mode USB Sockets, in white plastic, and Click Deco USB sockets, metal in a range of decorative finishes, all mount on a standard 25mm back box.



Each smartphone, tablet or device will have its own charging management software. This limits the amount of current that the device will accept in order to protect sensitive circuitry from damage.  The maximum charge that USB sockets will provide is 2.1 amp but most smartphones and tablets require less than 1 amp. There is more than adequate current in the charger while the device itself will guard against overcharge.



There are a number of styles available including a larger number of decorative metal USB sockets in a range of finishes.  Please go to USB Sockets for a better look.


Different styles of USB socket