ESP Nighthawk LED Floodlight NH150

SKU: NH150
The Nighthawk LED floodlight is small, compact yet able to throw a large light output. Connected to a PIR this is an excellent security floodlight.
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ESP Nighthawk LED Floodlight NH150

The Night Hawk low energy LED floodlight is small, compact but still comes with 12w LEDs capable of 1100 lumen output.  Up to 4 units can also be connected to the PIR of a Night Hawk security light to switch on at the same time.


  • LED floodlight – 1100 lumen output.
  • Wide spread illumination up to 120º.
  • Low energy 12.1w maximum power consumption.
  • Adjustable floodlight direction – Horizontal and vertical axis.
  • Ideal for use with the NightHawk security light which has the capability to switch up to 4 extra NH150LED units.
  • Weather proof, suitable for external use.


Power source 220 - 240VAC/50Hz
Power consumption 12.7w (operational)
Light output 1100 Lumens
Illumination angle 120 degrees
LED light output colour 5600K cool white
Time adjustment 5 seconds to 5 minutes
Maximum additional load LED 50W - Halogen 500W
IP rating IP55