Gewiss Red 32A 3P+E 415V Plug IP44 | GW60019H

SKU: GW60019H
The Gewiss Red IP44 400v 32A 3P&N+E Plug Is suitable for internal and external applications in industrial and commercial situations.
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Gewiss Red 32A 3P+E 415V Plug IP44 | GW60019H

Experience the pinnacle of reliability and innovation with the Gewiss GW60019H industrial plug and socket. Engineered to exceed expectations, this product is designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments while adding a touch of sophistication to your setups.

The Gewiss GW60019H is more than just a plug and socket – it's a statement of commitment to safety and efficiency. Whether it's a manufacturing unit, a construction site, or any high-demand workspace, this product ensures your electrical connections are solid and secure. Engineered for tough conditions, the GW60019H offers a high level of resistance to ensure seamless operation in even the harshest environments. With an IP44 rating, you can rely on it to keep your operations running smoothly, no matter the weather.

Elevate your industrial setups with a solution that brings together reliability and aesthetics. Gewiss GW60019H is not just a practical choice, but a testament to the power of superior engineering and design.

Upgrade your industrial electrical connections with Gewiss GW60019H. Explore its features and benefits today to discover how it can transform your workspace.


  • Robust construction for extreme durability
  • IP44-rated protection against dust and moisture
  • Secure locking mechanism for enhanced safety
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Sleek design that complements any workspace
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