GJD RFX Wireless PIRs and Receiver Kit GJD410

The GJD RFX wireless detection system offers the freedom to position the PIR's anywhere without cabling.
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GJD RFX Wireless PIRs and Receiver Kit GJD410

GJD410 RFX Kit

Contains 3 Opal RFX wireless 35m PIRs and 1 GJD017 RFX 3 channel receiver.

GJD018 GJD RFX Wireless 35m External PIR Sensor

It is not always possible to hard-wire sensors to the location requiring monitoring. GJD have recognised this and developed the RFX wireless detection system to be used independently or in combination with hard-wired systems.

The Opal RFX detection signals are radio transmitted by 433.92MHz frequency to the 3 channel receiver, which can be positioned in line of sight up to 150 metres away from the actual detectors. 

The sensors are all individually identified with one of over 16 million possible codes. For ease of set-up the Opal RFX incorporates a simple plug in code memory transfer system to the receiver.

GJD017 RFX 3 Channel Receiver

An IP65 rated 3-channel receiver, 150 metres line of sight, 3x Volt free contacts as well as lighting control outputs.

The RFX-3 receiver monitors the active state of up to three Opal RFX passive infrared detectors. The RFX-3 can be mounted externally or internally with a line of sight reception distance of up to 150 metres to the detector(s).

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