Saxby Orionrgb Led 12w/m 30m 360w

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Saxby Orionrgb LED 12w/m 30m 360w

Introducing the Saxby Orionrgb LED strip lighting, a high-quality product from Saxby Lighting. This versatile lighting solution offers exceptional performance and brings a touch of elegance to any space.

The Saxby Orionrgb LED strip features a powerful 12 watts per meter, providing ample brightness to illuminate your surroundings. With a length of 30 meters, this strip offers an impressive total power output of 360 watts, ensuring a well-lit environment.

Designed with innovation in mind, the Saxby Orionrgb LED strip allows you to create a stunning visual experience with its customizable RGB color options. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and adjust the lighting to suit your mood or occasion.

Installation is a breeze with the Saxby Orionrgb LED strip. Its flexible design allows for easy bending and shaping to fit the contours of your space. Whether you want to decorate your home, office, or commercial establishment, this LED strip is a perfect choice.

The Saxby Orionrgb LED strip is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. With its energy-efficient LED technology, you can enjoy significant energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Enhance the ambiance of any room with the Saxby Orionrgb LED 12w/m

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Saxby Orionrgb Led 12w/m 30m 360w

The Saxby Orionrgb Led 12w/m 30m 360w is a high-quality lighting solution from Saxby Lighting, a renowned brand in the industry. This product offers exceptional performance and versatility for various lighting applications.

Key Features:

  • Efficient LED technology
  • 12 watts per meter power rating
  • 30 meters length
  • 360 watts total power
  • RGB color options
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and long-lasting

The Saxby Orionrgb Led strip provides efficient lighting with its LED technology, ensuring energy savings and environmental friendliness. With a power rating of 12 watts per meter, it offers a bright and vibrant illumination for any space.

This product comes in a 30-meter length, providing ample coverage for various lighting projects. Whether you need to illuminate a large area or create accent lighting, this strip is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

With a total power of 360 watts, the Saxby Orionrgb Led strip delivers powerful lighting performance. Its RGB color options allow you to create stunning lighting effects and set the desired ambiance in any room or outdoor space.

Installation is quick and hassle-free, thanks to the user-friendly design of this product. It can be easily cut and connected to suit your specific requirements. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable lighting solution for years to come.

Enhance your lighting setup with the Saxby Orionrgb Led 12w/m 30m 360w. Experience exceptional quality, versatility, and efficiency, all in one product.