BG Nexus Metal vs BG Evolve

BG Nexus Metal vs BG Evolve
BG Nexus Metal vs BG Evolve
May 22, 2024

BG or British General has been one of the biggest manufacturers of sockets and switches for years. Over the years they've been able to perfect their products and turn them into some of the best-selling sockets and switches available. As the years go on BG continues to build popularity among homeowners because of their reputation and designs. We're able to dress up our walls with lovely colours and finishes rather than the bog standard white plastic.

While BG has created many products including outdoor sockets and white plastic sockets, here at Alert Electrical we love their Nexus Metal and Evolve ranges. They create a beautiful solution to creating a more premium feeling in a home.

BG Nexus Metal

The BG Nexus Metal range is a wonderful choice when trying to create a modern vibe in your home. We've always loved these sockets and switches, they feature a contemporary and sleek design. One of their most standout features is the slim profile which helps to minimise its intrusion into your room.

The BG Nexus Metal range has a variety of different colours and finishes so there's likely to be something that suits your space and colour theme. From their brushed steel, to matt back and even polished chrome you'll find a set of sockets and switches that you'll like in the BG Nexus Metal range!

Key Features of BG Nexus Metal

The BG Nexus Metal range has an integrated gasket seal on all of their products. This innovative addition protects the metal edges from moisture and tarnishing. It makes sure that the switches and sockets keep a great appearance over time. Another notable feature is the LED indicators on certain switches, which provide a modern touch and added convenience in low-light conditions.

BG Evolve

BG Evolve is one of our favourite ranges on offer too. The Evolve range also brings a modern touch to an otherwise standardised item in the home. These BG Evolve sockets and switches have been designed for easy use and with BG's iconic terminal inserts you'll love them.

BG's Evolve Decorative range is available in a number of finishes, including satin brass, matt black, and pearl nickel, allowing for greater flexibility in matching décor styles.

Key Features of BG Evolve Decorative

The Evolve range features a screwless front plate which creates a much cleaner, more premium look. This creates an uninterrupted and seamless feel that brings a modern style at affordable prices. The clip-on system makes installation and maintenance easy which really helps when decorating too.

The slim profile of these accessories ensures they sit flush against the wall, complementing their sleek design. Like the Nexus Metal range, the Evolve collection includes soft-rounded edges for added safety and great visuals.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both the BG Nexus Metal and BG Evolve range have very stylish options. The BG Nexus Metal range is ideal for those seeking a contemporary and industrial look. With the metallic finishes and hardwearing design make it a perfect fit for most homes and offices.

However, the BG Evolve Decorative range offers more versatility. With a wider range of finishes in traditional and contemporary styles, it's great for a number of interiors. The modular design also allows for greater personalisation, enabling you to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Functionality and Features

BG have thought of almost everything and brought these features to both ranges. From their 13 amp Wi-Fi extender sockets to integrated USB charging sockets there is a lot to choose from. Both ranges have several colour and finish options but the Evolve range does offer more flexibility. With more colours available Evolve might be the better choice if you're looking for a specific colour.

Both ranges are also designed for ease of use and protection of materials. Integrated gasket seals in both ranges help prevent moisture ingress, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics.

Whether you need a mixture of switches, dimmers, and USB ports, BG allows you to tailor your electrical accessories to your specific needs.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is a key consideration when choosing electrical accessories. The BG Nexus Metal. range seems to have a more robust construction being that the front plates screw on. This added force keeping the sockets and switches together is ideal for certain environments. However, the BG Evolve front plates do clip into place and hold in a sturdy manner.

Both the Nexus Metal and the Evolve range are built to be strong and last a long time. Made of metal with plastic surrounds for the wiring they're able to withstand harsh, daily use.

One thing that the BG Evolve range does do better is the ability to take the front plate off with less effort. This makes it easier to change the front plate and therefore the style of your sockets when you like. It also allows for easier access when performing any maintenance or even decorating your space. For example, when painting your walls, you won't need to unscrew the front plate.

Installation and Compatibility

Installation is a big part of choosing the best sockets for you. While most sockets are installed in the same way some need a little more thought. Nexus Metal sockets and switches work the same as your standard white plastic ones. connect the wires to the terminals and screw the front plate into place.

While both ranges are designed to be easy to install, the Evolve range will need a little more effort. This range has a modular design which means that internally, you need to do a little more. However, this modular design does allow you to pick and choose the kind of switches you'd like to feature on your wall.

In terms of compatibility, both ranges are designed to fit standard British electrical back boxes, ensuring a straightforward replacement of existing accessories. This compatibility makes both ranges suitable for both new installations and upgrades.

Price Comparison

Price is often a deciding factor when choosing between products. So to make an informed decision you need to know how much each cost. For the most accurate prices feel free to look at our BG Nexus range and our Evolve range and browse our prices.

Generally, the Nexus Metal range is more affordable. These tend to be cheaper because they have fewer parts. This makes them ideal if you're sticking to a budget or looking to replace all the sockets and switches in your home. You'll get a great price for stylish fixtures in your home.

BG Evolve are more expensive when compared to the Nexus Metal. Due to the customisability, varied finishes and a more contemporary style, the Evolve range is sought after and has a more decorative finish.


Choosing between the BG Nexus Metal and BG Evolve Decorative ranges depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for robust, stylish, and budget-friendly options, the BG Nexus Metal range is an excellent choice. Its contemporary design, durable construction, and easy installation make it a popular choice for modern homes and offices.

The Evolve range might be more suitable if you're looking for a more decorative style. Its modular design allows for customisation, while its varied finishes cater to both traditional and contemporary tastes. Although it may come at a higher price, the added flexibility and aesthetic appeal can be worth the investment.

Ultimately, both ranges offer high-quality, stylish, and functional solutions for your electrical accessory needs. By considering the features, benefits, and differences outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision that best suits your home or office environment.


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