Time to give electricians the same choice of radiators as the plumbers have with the Digi-line Electric Radiators

Time to give electricians the same choice of radiators as the plumbers have with the Digi-line Electric Radiators
September 20, 2019

ElectroRad Digi-line Electric Radiators Range

The Digi-Line electric radiator range are filled with a thermal fluid to transfer heat to the whole of the surface area without the need for any pump or moving parts. The fluid is heated by 100% efficiency electric elements which are controlled by the most advanced thermostat electronics available. The radiator body is constructed in steel and powder coated to ensure a high quality, extremely long lasting and robust finish. The range is available in 500mm & 300mm heights and power ratings from 500 watts to 2000 watts. Single panel and double panel radiators are available, and both have convection fins to ensure the perfect balance of radiant and convection heat.

 There are some very special, unique and energy saving features built into the Digi-Line electric radiator electronics. All features do not have to be used but can be activated if required.

  1. Energy saving open window feature. this sense when a window has been opened and stops the radiator heating until the window is closed.
  2. Surface temperature control. The surface temperature can be operated at the full 90 deg C or reduced to a maximum of 75 deg C or a maximum of 60 deg C. Surface temperature reduction will reduce the heating power.
  3. Double panel radiator smart control. If the room temperature is within 1 deg C of the set point, the front panel only will operate. If the room temperature is more than 1 deg C from the set point, the back panel will also operate to act as a boost and re-heat the room faster.

The New Digi-Line thermostat is a double proportional band control (PI & PWM) giving the best accuracy possible of +/- 0.1 deg C. The room temperature is sensed below the radiator where the room air temperature is at its lowest and there is no heat from the radiator to affect the reading. Each radiator thermostat also has a radio frequency receiver built in, so central control is easy to achieve by using the optional 4 zone radio frequency central programmer.


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