The Best Heating for Your Home? Thermal Electric Radiators could be the answer.

The Best Heating for Your Home? Thermal Electric Radiators could be the answer.
January 6, 2020

The Best Heating for Your Home? Thermal electric radiators could be the answer.

Many people suffer from cold spots in the home. This can be because we only want to heat one room – such as a home office or sometimes it can be because it’s not cost effective to extend the central heating system to conservatory or loft conversion.

Eco-friendly, Aluminium thermal electric radiators are the latest electric heating technology and the perfect heating solution. Thermal electric radiators suit all preferences. Here are some reasons why Thermal electric radiators are the best option for heating in the home:

  1. Suitable for All Areas - The ideal answer for almost any room that requires heating, or for introducing heat to areas of the house where the main heating system doesn’t extend, such as a conservatory.
  2. Fast, powerful heating – Up to 20% faster warm up time when compared with its Convector counterpart and the patented technology allows the radiator to reach 12% higher room temperatures, all the while using 9% less energy, helping to control the all-important running cost.
  3. Easy to use – With a range of different technical functions to help you get the best out of your heating. For example, Thermal electric radiators include comfort, anti-ice and economic modes. They also come with pre-installed programming, all of which can be controlled by the LCD screen located on the radiator.

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