Where To Hang Outdoor Lanterns

Where To Hang Outdoor Lanterns
August 10, 2017

Hanging Lanterns Ansell Lampara Hanging Lantern

Hanging lanterns are designed to be hung from a ceiling in porches, exits and conservatories.

Wall Lanterns

There are 3 main categories of wall lantern;

  • Up lanterns, that point upwards
  • Down lanterns pointing downwards
  • And half lanterns designed to fit flush to the wall

Many lantern styles will blur the boundaries of where they sit e.g.some up lanterns look like half lanterns, but these are the general rules and terminologies that we use.

Dar 'Up' style lantern Firstlight 'Down' style lantern Ansell Latina Half lantern


Post & Bollard Lanterns 

Bollard lanterns are designed to be floor mounted or on the top of walls, these are small vertical lanterns that look great in a hard landscaped gardens, pathways  and driveways. Post lanterns are longer than bollard lanterns and are normally mounted directly on the path, drive or garden.

Konstsmide 'Post' style lantern Konstsmide 'bollard' style lantern


Other factors

All manufacturers will quote an IP rating, e.g 'IP44'.  The first number means dust ingress, the 2nd number means water ingress.  For lights mounted outside the second number should be a minimim of 4.  For more information please see our guide IP ratings.

Coastal Areas have salt in the air and are harsh environments for anything with metal inside that will corrode.  Exterior lights should be either marine grade stainless steel, polycarbonate or plastic.  Dont cut a corner and go for the cheapest plastic as they will not last in this environment.


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