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WAGO Connectors

Discover our range of WAGO connectors, enabling a quick and hassle-free solution for wiring electrics. By reducing wiring time and being available in a range of types and sizes, these connectors cut down time and suit a range of installation requirements. 


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How to use WAGO connectors  

Wago connectors have set a new industry standard. Wago connectors are known for their ease of use and reliability, allowing electricians to save time and effort. 

Using Wago lever connectors

Wago Lever connectors are perfect for installations that might need adjustments or removals in the future. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Prepare the wire: Strip the wire sheathing to the correct length. Check the side markings on your Wago connector for guidance.
  2. Open the lever: Lift the lever (often orange) of the Wago connector to open the clamping space for the wire to go into.
  3. Insert the wire: Place the stripped end of the wire into the connector’s opening.
  4. Secure the wire: Press down the lever to clamp the wire  within the connector.
  5. Check connection: make sure the wire is held and the connection is secure. 

Using Wago push connectors

Push connectors are designed for speed and tool-free work.

  1. Strip the wire: Remove the insulation from the wire to the length indicated on the built-in strip-length gauge on the connector.
  2. Insert the wire: Push the stripped wire into the opening of the connector. The internal mechanism automatically clamps the wire, securing it in place.
  3. Check the connection: Confirm the connection is tight and reliable. Re-check the strip length if necessary to ensure proper installation.

How Do Wago Connectors Work?

Wago connectors streamline the job work at hand for an electrician. Removing the need of tools, WAGO connectors make the job faster and easier that ever. The connectors use a clamping movement to secure your cable/wire so that it's sat securely. This camping technology makes it much easier to undo work that's been done and helps with easy maintenance.

The goal is to do as much as you can in as little time as possible meaning more money in your pocket. WAGO connects help with at by making electricians' lives easier.